Audi A3 S Line , 2014 Light Damage

Hi up for sale is my son’s AUDI A3,S LINE  1.4. , that we go back from insurance company after car was stolen with keys, from house burglary, we got the car back my son was heart broken to lose it, but since he has decided he want us to sell it as spares repairs, the car was removed 50 miles away, after car was abandoned at side or the road, after,a,collision with a kerb, the. Rest of the damage happened while police had the car recovered, ie useing a highab lift by chains through the wheels, (just didn’t car, ) this has caused further damage to suspension on 3 areas, not hard repair, but needs to be done,we have found complete rear axle to take parts off to repair rear corners and needs a front wishbone to repair front passenger side corner, pass wing damaged, I think it would repair, and there are scratches and small dents to front drivers wing, bonnet dented when put on back of recovery transporter from where insurance had car stored then recovered back to our home, they caught it on upper transporting area, so,e,whe,are,damaged, us to,hitting kerb and way it was lifted, we,where just going to get him another set of S3 wheels, less hassle than re-ferbing them and replaceing damaged ones, pass, seat bag has deployed along with pass curtain bagCar is still stars great and will drive as it should , no funny sounds , still as quite as a mouse…

Current Price: £4200.00

This Audi A3 S Line , 2014 Light Damage vehicle is located in York, yo26 8dd and the eBay seller is harryler100.