Honda Insight Hybrid Se 5dr, 59 Reg,

59 reg Honda Insight HYBRID SE 5dr. Direct from a major UK Insurance Co., after having a medium / light impact collision to the drivers front corner of the car. This is a good clean and & tidy car, showing 116000 recorded miles, however as it is a used vehicle, the odd stone chip or scratch must also be expected. The front Airbags are deployed due to the sensor being located beneath the o/s headlight. The car starts & drives, and has an excellent spec level. There is no visible damage to the chassis legs, and the radiators and windscreen are also ok. No visible suspension damage, in my opinion the only parts needing replacement seem to be wing, headlight & bumper. Anything else that’s damaged should repair OK. Seems to be quite a straightforward job. MOT’d until February 2020! This seems to have been a private car, I can find No clues that it has been used as a taxi. Cat S salvage. Starts & drives very well, exceptionally quiet engine when ticking over, just as it should be for this mileage. The Hybrid system is indicated…

Current Price: £1995.00

This Honda Insight Hybrid Se 5dr, 59 Reg, vehicle is located in Blackburn, BB2 3qh and the eBay seller is nions072.