Peugeot 207 Urban Black For Parts Or As Seen

Peugeot 207 urban 57 plate. For parts or repair. Used for trips round the towns. Passed it’s MOT in August. Full service in October. In the last 2 months it has had a new roll bar and suspension at the front fitted. I had the minor repairs on the MOT done which included a new exhaust box and a new sump box fitted. There is an issue with the ECU. It has become damp and has been pinging off issues. I had the O2 filter part of the ECU repaired last month which fixed that issue. Now there is a temperature coolant switch issue which i have also just repaired. It is drivable however it may well need a new ECU. perfectly mechanically sound vehicle, it is all electrical. No time wasters please and sold as seen. I have the MOT documents and the receipt for the ECU work. 

Current Price: £250.00

This Peugeot 207 Urban Black For Parts Or As Seen vehicle is located in , me2 *** and the eBay seller is .