Renault Captur Dynamiqe Navigation, 17reg,

17 reg Renault Captur Tce 90 Dynamiqe Navigation  5dr, 5 speed manual. Direct from a major UK Insurance Co., after having a medium impact collision to the passenger side front of the car.  This is a very clean and tidy vehicle, showing only 6450 recorded miles! Virtually Brand New!  However as it is a used vehicle, the odd stone chip or scratch must be expected. No visible suspension damage, all the alloys are ok other than the odd minor scratch. Airbags are NOT deployed, even the bonnet is untouched! The car starts & drives great, and has a great spec level.There is no visible damage to the chassis legs, a couple of minor marks to the n/s inner wing. there is damage to the front end of the sill / bottom of the n/s ‘a’ post, that needs a repair, but I don’t see any reason why this car would require jigging or pulling on the front.  All the Glass is ok, Cat S salvage.  It seems to have been virtually immaculate before the accident, its as near to a new car as you’re likely to buy as Salvage!I think that this is the best colour for these Renaults, it looks great!    This is a Salvage item hence no Warranty or…

Current Price: £4495.00

This Renault Captur Dynamiqe Navigation, 17reg, vehicle is located in Blackburn, BB23QH and the eBay seller is nions072.