2018 Vauxhall Crossland X-tec Eco Diesel, ,

2018 67 reg Vauxhall Crossland X tec 1.6 Ln nv Eco Diesel ss, Direct from a major UK Insurance Co., after having a medium impact collision across the drivers side front corner of the car. This is a very clean and tidy vehicle, showing only 2100 recorded miles, virtually Brand New, however as it is a used vehicle, the odd stone chip or scratch must be expected.  No visible suspension damage.  Airbags are NOT deployed. The car starts & drives great, and has a great spec level, including sat nav & built in WiFi! There is very slight damage to the o/s chassis leg, which is easily repairable, not near any suspension mountings etc. No damage to the o/s inner wing. Even the bonnet has got only a slight dent, which again, is easily repairable. It appears that the drivers side front door has been removed by the Emergency Services, resulting in slight cosmetic damage to the ‘A’ post, nothing twisted or bent. Cat S salvage.  MOT not required until February 2021, cheap road tax! This is a Salvage item hence no Warranty or Guarantee, NO RETURNS ACCEPTED, but you are welcome to view or have an independent inspection before…

Current Price: £4495.00

This 2018 Vauxhall Crossland X-tec Eco Diesel, , vehicle is located in Blackburn, BB23QH and the eBay seller is nions072.