2012 Vw Golf 1.6 S Tdi Manual ( )

Family car that we are now selling.Please be aware that this car has…* Chipped front number plate.* Chipped front window – coin size. (This has passed MOT).* Scratches and crack on rear bumper.* Dents on back door.* Scratches on rear lights.* Scratches and dents on rear driver’s side door.* Back rear window wiper snapped off.* Scratches on front driver side light.* Back passenger tyre is flat.* Inside needs a good cleaning.The engine will start when turned on.No tax, insurance or MOT.  Car is SORN.Vehicle has been inspected by Halfords and the following issues have been raised: EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve fault.  Possible DPF (diesel particulate filter) fault.  EML on.This car is still effected by the EA 189 NOx emissions issue – VW would not do the work until the issues above were fixed.Car was fully serviced until 2017 (mileage at last service – 97,421).  Log Book and V5 are available.No finance or money owed on car.Handsfree phone kit installed in car.  Some diesel in car (100 miles).2 keys – only one works at the moment.Cash only.  Weekend pick up (daylight hours).  Please ensure you make arrangements for car to be towed away (due to SORN).

Current Price: £1039.00

This 2012 Vw Golf 1.6 S Tdi Manual ( ) vehicle is located in Liverpool, L32 4RY and the eBay seller is pretty_poppet.