Vw Volkswagen Polo 2010

If you want this car and there are no bids, then an offer of £1000 will take it away, please do NOT contact me with any lower offers.2010 VW Volkswagen Polo 1600 TDi (common rail engine)ACCIDENT DAMAGED, but salvage repair possible.Vehicle comes as per the pictures, in almost immaculate condition (apart from the damage!), the only marks I can see on the car are a few stone chips on the bonnet…the pics are high enough resolution that you can probably see that on a desktop.It is going to need two doors, the drivers seat airbag has deployed, ,the steering has gone stiff, but that is tied into the crash data rather than a fault. It will also need the pillar between the two rear door repaired and there is a slight kink in the sill.They are the bad parts….but the roof is straight, the floorpan underneath is also straight, and there is no other damage anywhere on the car.The car comes with a full service history having had a service shortly before we purchased it, as well as four new tyres , there are loads of
receipts along with the booked being stamped too, and the owner’s manual, is complete and as far as I am aware,
there are no faults with the car at all, it starts and drives, although the battery was flat when I started it up the other…

Current Price: £1000.00

This Vw Volkswagen Polo 2010 vehicle is located in St. Austell, PL268FW and the eBay seller is m4cky101.